Our Industry-leading Products Make Your Building Possible

At NCI, we create complete building solutions backed by an unsurpassed range of products.

  • Coil Coatings

    Our complete line of coating finishes includes Polyesters, Silicone Modified Polyesters (SMP), Fluorocarbons (PVDF), and Plastisol (PVC) for both light-gauge and heavy-gauge steel coil applications.

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  • Doors

    From steel curtain roll-up and self-storage doors to complete hallway systems, our products are fabricated to meet or exceed operational requirements with little to no maintenance.

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  • Insulated Metal Panels

    Insulated Metal Panels act simultaneously as exterior wall, insulation, and finished interior wall, offering the most advanced protection possible over the lifespan of a building.

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  • Metal Building Systems

    Metal building systems provide an ideal alternative to conventional construction solutions, with more benefits and greater flexibility to meet your project needs and cut time off your construction schedule.

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  • Metal Roofing

    Recognized for their extreme durability and resistance to inclement weather, our metal roofing solutions offer superior energy efficiency, low maintenance requirements, and a lifespan of over 60 years.

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  • Metal Wall Systems

    From single skin and insulated metal panels to exposed fastener, concealed fastener, and interior wall liner panel systems, our wall systems deliver unmatched performance and superior design flexibility.

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