Introduction to Metal Building Assembly Seminar

This two-and-a-half-day course consists of classroom instruction as well as hands-on assembly using a metal building mock-up. On days one and two, students will attend class in the morning and put their knowledge into practice in the afternoon. On day three, they will complete the hands-on portion of the seminar.

Classroom instruction explores basic metal building information, with topics ranging from general guidelines and common industry practices to building owner responsibility and maintenance. Students will gain literacy of NCI installation drawings and learn to identify various metal building components and applications. The course will also cover panel and trim installation, along with common pitfalls to avoid when erecting metal buildings. In the hands-on portion of the seminar, students will actively participate in the assembly of steel framing members and secondaries, as well as roof sheeting, wall panels, and trim.

This seminar is recommended to individuals with a beginner level of metal building knowledge who are purchasing and erecting NCI buildings.

NOTE: This is not a steel erector certification class for NCI Building Systems. NCI does not certify steel erectors for the framing and assembly of structural building components.

2018 Schedule

  • September 25 - 27, 2018

    Houston, TX

    NCI Training Center