United by Three Core Values and a Common Purpose

At NCI, who we are and how we work is defined by a set of shared values: Personal Responsibility to ourselves and our team; Commitment to Excellence in everything we do; and an Exceptional Customer Experience that inspires confidence and loyalty. These three Core Values unite us as people and as a company, and form the basis on which we determine hiring, promotions, and rewards.

Guided by a team of passionate leaders, NCI cultivates an energetic and inclusive work environment built upon mutual respect, support, and positivity. We also offer an extensive curriculum of training programs and other educational resources to help our employees take their careers to the next level.

Whether you’re in manufacturing or construction, Coating or Components, success at NCI is based on transparency, trust, and the belief that creating great building solutions is more than just an outcome. It’s an attitude that shapes our relationships with our fellow employees, our customers, and the communities where we work every day.

We strongly believe that giving back to these communities is an integral part of what we do. NCI participates in many local and national charity initiatives, and has a long history of partnering with veteran support organizations. NCI proudly counts many former military service members among our team.

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