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As an Intern with NCI you will experience hands on design work. We offer a competitive salary and the time spent with us during your internship will offer valuable experience in a real engineering atmosphere under the mentorship of Senior Engineers.


Jaime Lopez interned with NCI at the Fairview offices located in Houston, Texas the summer of 2012. At his internship, he received hands-on training with engineers and was able to apply concepts to production in the metal building industry. While at Fairview, he was able to learn the business, interact with other departments, and gain knowledge from experienced engineers on staff. After graduation from the University of Houston, Jaime joined NCI full time in January 2013. He has since been selected to lead the internship training program on site and now serves as a mentor for interns as well as new hires.



Alyse is a 2013 graduate of the University of Oklahoma who interned with Star Building Systems, an NCI company, located in Oklahoma City during the summer of 2012. However, this wasn’t her first experience with NCI. Alyse had the opportunity to sit one-on-one with multiple engineers when she was a junior in high school back in 2007 while participating in a “Shadow an Engineer for a Day” program during National Engineers Week. She learned what a structural engineer’s day-to-day was like, which reinforced her interest in the engineering field.

During her internship Alyse found the program to be very beneficial, sitting alongside experienced engineers who were always willing to answer her questions and to teach her many of the things that one doesn’t get to see in the classroom. She stated, “They never turned me away or were too busy to sit down and explain a concept to me.” She learned about metal building codes and what went into the design process, as well as worked on projects and tools that helped other engineers in their design process.

Alyse stated, that she would “absolutely recommend an internship with NCI” to others because “the office environment is welcoming, professional, and genuine and the program creates a strong foundation for new engineers to build on their engineering knowledge.” After a year of being with the company, she goes on to say, “I don’t believe that I would have gained this amount of design experience in other areas of the structural engineering industry in such a brief time.”

The new hire training program has grown immensely in the last year and is “a wonderful environment for new engineers to receive hands on training,” said Alyse. NCI even offers its employees and customers the opportunity to take a building and product assembly class, where you get the chance to build a small scale metal building and understand more about what NCI’s buildings brands actually produce.

After graduation, Alyse came on board full-time in spring of 2013 with Metallic Building Company, where she is currently designing her career in Houston, TX.



Angela is a 2011 December graduate from the Missouri University of Science and Technology. The summer before her last semester she spent interning with NCI Building Systems in Houston, TX. During her time there she designed projects for the Metallic and Mid-West brands.

Angela found her internship to be a valuable experience. Because of the nature of the metal building industry, the work is fast-paced and engineers are able to start production work within a few months. She felt valuable to the group at Fairview since she was able to help with the work burden, completing orders on lower level complexity jobs freeing up senior engineers to work on the more complex projects. She enjoyed the work environment and would recommend the internship program for hands-on training and the ability to work on projects in production.

Upon graduating Angela moved to Houston to accept her full time position with NCI Building Systems. That summer she had the responsibility of training interns, and a few months after began to train full-time new hires.




Arlene is a graduate of University of Texas at Austin.  She interned with us during the summer of 2006 and came on board full-time in January of 2007. 

During her internship Arlene stated, among other things, that she would “definitely recommend an internship with NCI” to others because “it is a great learning experience.”   In addition, she said that the internship was beneficial because it gave her an opportunity to apply what she had learned  in school to actual design work and allowed her to see “all the job opportunities NCI offers.”

Arlene found a place she could call home and a job that interested her and allowed her to design her career.


What did you like most about your internship with NCI?

“In my group, I was treated like one of the engineers, not like an intern.  It gave me a chance to see what it would be like if I were to work here after graduation.”

 “Being able to design real jobs and being able to apply the knowledge I acquired in school to the real world was the best feature of this internship.”

“What I liked most about the internship was the opportunity to do actual design work as well as the accessibility to mentors when I had questions.”

How would you describe our office environment?

“Very sophisticated and professional.”

“Everyone was extremely friendly.”

“Very friendly, hard working, approachable.”

“I would describe the work environment as productive and positive.”

Would you recommend an internship with NCI to others?

Definitely. This is a unique experience in the sense that it gives you the opportunity to experience the real design work in an office environment.”

“Absolutely!  You definitely have a good program going here.”

“Yes, I found it very beneficial.”

“Yes, I definitely would!”


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